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Brandon Arano

Resumo da Biografia Happy birthday images Probably not. We have never met anyone who has come to puberty in all these years.  I never met her again. I know about twenty people in Berlin who can come here, you are now one of them, John. And I'm glad you found the way. All I wanted was a friend. She leaned back in my arms. Thank you for holding me when I was bleeding and with those terrible pain on the street, I was so helpless and alone, you gave me the strength not to give up. Sandra, I replied, I am glad to know that you do not blame me, I thought I could not live with that guilt, I wish I was dead.

Happy birthday images There is no guilt and no death here, here one can be happy. She got up. Come, I'll show you our meeting place, sometimes there are other children here, and if you want to see someone, there's a place to go. On the way to the entrance hall, she asked me if I could steer a car. Of course I could not, I had never had the chance to try it. Sandra laughed and suggested taking a hospital car. The keys were stuck, we got in, and she told me how to switch gears, brake, clutch and accelerator. She seemed to be already busy. I asked, Do we have to bring the car back here?

Happy birthday images No, we can leave it somewhere, even if it is damaged, it does not matter, not in the other world, where I am now on an operating table and three doctors are trying to save my eye , that much is certain.  I tried driving, and Sandra was a patient teacher. She told me what I did wrong, and how it went right. Finally, after a few sheet metal damage and after stamping the engine a hundred times, we reached our school. There sat a child, a boy, perhaps eight years old, looking at a magazine under the big chestnut tree. He saw us coming and we received his thoughts: Great, somebody new! Welcome Sandra and New Boy. Nice to see you. Sandra answered: Hello, Ronald, how are you?

I opened my mouth, but Sandra stopped me. Ronald is deaf and dumb, you must use the other voice, John. Ronald shook our hands and we were talking for a long time in the shadow of the majestic tree. I learned that he lived in the south of Berlin, in a home for disabled children, where most people thought him an idiot. They believed that because he was deaf, he could not think, and they were abusing him in every conceivable way. The only place where he was safe and welcome was here. happy birthday images After Ronald finished his story, he asked us, Do you stay overnight? Sandra looked at me and wanted to know what I thought of it. I had no idea, I liked it here, much better than where I was probably lying in Marios bed. So I asked: Where can we stay? Ronald said, Wherever we want. Hotels, apartments, hospitals, department stores, shops - it does not matter. I thought of Kempinski, nice food and comfortable beds. Happy birthday images.